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Oil Change Service in Clifton, NJ

Protect & Preserve Your Engine with an Oil Change--Lakeview Auto Corp.

Time For an Oil Change?

Your vehicle’s most important maintenance is the oil change. Many drivers delay this service until it’s absolutely necessary. Clean and consistent maintenance will not only enhance your engine’s performance but also preserve it for a long future on the road. Our commitment to excellence is extended to every maintenance service we provide. The goal with all of our maintenance services is to improve engine performance and longevity. We treat our customers like family, and routine oil changes the same as complicated engine repairs. They’re both done with cleanliness and precision. Lakeview Auto Corp.’s qualified technicians can design an appropriate schedule for all of your vehicle’s maintenance services. While one vehicle may require an oil change every 3,000 miles, another vehicle may need one less or more often. Your intervals should be extended or shortened depending on your specific driving habits. We’ll also consider your vehicle’s age and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing your oil change maintenance schedule. The best way to retain your vehicle’s value is to protect its engine. And the best way to protect the engine is to make sure it gets consistent and necessary oil changes.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Convenience is another factor in receiving maintenance services. Auto services are usually an interruption to your day, but they’re necessary to maintain peak performance. Drivers should never wait too long to receive oil change service. Our team performs quick and clean oil changes to protect and preserve your vehicle’s engine. Let us save you time and money with every service. Extend the road-life of your vehicle with quality oil changes. Your vehicle will run hot and work harder without the proper lubrication. Poor viscosity will cause your engine’s metal parts to collide and create friction. When drivers don’t protect their vehicles from this, it can lead to early engine breakdown. We’ll have you in and out in no time. Our priority is to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Schedule Service Today!

Come to our repair facility for your all-important maintenance services. Our preventive maintenance service is here to help you avoid expensive engine repairs or breakdowns. If it’s time for another oil change, don’t hesitate! Get it taken care of at Lakeview Auto Corp by giving us a call at 973-546-1125. Schedule your next oil change appointment today! If you’d like to schedule right now, simply use our online scheduling system. Just pick a day and time that works best for you! We also gladly welcome our walk-ins!